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At Mobile Doctors we are proud of the relationship we maintain with our experts. We invest heavily in technology and people to ensure that as a panel member you have all of the backup and tools you need to work closely with us and your clients. All of our experts fall under the supervision of a highly qualified Chief Medical Officer.


Our Medical Examiner Liaison Team (MELT) is your dedicated point of contact within Mobile Doctors. For Multi Track cases you will have an individual point of contact should you need to speak to us.


Corex represents the latest technology allowing a medico-legal expert GP to deliver reports in both a written and XML format that is compatible with the valuation systems of leading insurers.

It also delivers a uniquely flexible platform for completing reports.

Corex is available as a standalone application running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms, but is also available as a Java smart client or even through a web browser. This flexibility gives the medical expert tools to examine claimant’s in any setting, with or without internet access and from any computer running that has a web browser.

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Important Information regarding appointments booked on or after 1st July 2022

As I’m sure you’ll already be aware, MedCo recently announced that the process for booking Medico-Legal appointments is to change. The changes are as follows:

“the ban on remote examinations was suspended as part of MedCo’s response to Covid-19. In light of the government’s lifting of all remaining restrictions, MedCo has now decided that the suspension will be stopped and the ban reinstated.  The suspension will no longer apply to examinations that take place on or after 1 July 2022.

MedCo is aware that for a small group of claimants’ remote examinations may still be required as a result of Covid-19. Therefore, MedCo has decided that in circumstances where the claimant remains vulnerable due to Covid-19, they may, in those limited circumstances, have a remote examination.

Experts are required, if carrying out a remote examination because the claimant is vulnerable due to Covid-19, to record in their report the nature of the claimant’s vulnerability and why that has resulted in the examination being carried out remotely.

This revised guidance (version 7), which now only applies where the claimant has an ongoing Covid-19 related vulnerability, will be kept under review.

Read version 7 of the Remote Examination guidelines

**Please note version 6 of the Remote Examination guidelines continue to apply for consultations that take place on or before 30 June 2022**”

In essence, this means that Remote Examinations will not be allowed to take place on or after the 1st of July 2022, unless there are circumstances where the claimant remains vulnerable due to Covid-19, and they may, in those limited circumstances, have a remote examination.

It is hoped appointments that take place from 30th June 2022 will revert to the face-to-face appointment process that existed before Covid-19. No more Claimant consent will be required for face-to-face appointments after 30th June 2022.

We continue to discuss and consider the above changes and will be in contact once our updated processes, including how we define what is a ‘vulnerable’ client, are finalised.

If you are not able to provide face-to-face appointments after 30th June 2022 or If you do not intend to continue providing Medico-Legal appointments once the above change is implemented, please can you notify or the Medical Expert Liaison Team (0330 0990444, Option 5 – as a matter of urgency.

Joining our panel

We are always looking for examiners across all disciplines to join our panel. If you are interested in working with Mobile Doctors please contact us at

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Contact details for the Expert Liaison Team are as follows;

Phone: 0330 0990444 (Option 5)